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About us...

As long-time residents of New Jersey, we have long enjoyed time spent with our families at the Jersey shore.  Whether walking the boards in Ocean City, visiting the lighthouse in Cape May, or eating Kohr's ice cream in Sea Side Heights, the Jersey shore is always sure to please.   

Actually getting your family on the beach is not always so enjoyable, however.  Lugging umbrellas, beach chairs, beach blankets, toys and coolers is not necessarily the most enjoyable aspect of a shore vacation.  Add to that the possibility of forgetting your beach tag or beach badge back at your house, or in your car, and your whole day could be quickly ruined. 

Just the thought of packing everything back up, dragging the kids off the beach, trekking all the way back to your house or your car is enough to discourage even the most ardent beach goers!  

Unsurprisingly, this very scenario has happened to us more than once!   That's why we created the My Beach Mobile app.  With the My Beach Mobile app,  the days of forgetting or losing your beach tags and badges are over!   With our app, you just need to show the beach attendant your unique QR code.  The beach attendant can visually verity QR code's validity, and you can go back to enjoying the sun, surf and sand.  

My Beach Mobile offers users convenience, safety and security.  We use a fully-encrypted back-end, and Stripe API integration for secure, third-party payment processing.  The electronic format means you will never again have to worry  about forgetting or losing your beach tags and badges!  

Staying with other people, or renting a house for the week?  No problem, with My Beach Mobile, sharing beach tags and badges is easy.  Simply buy one or more beach pass from within the app, then use our patent-pending sharing feature to temporarily transfer the beach pass to your friends, family, tenants, or guests!  For rental property owners, this means no more lost, stolen or misplaced beach tags!   Sharing is not available in all municipalities.

So ask your favorite Jersey shore destination if they use My Beach Mobile!  For any questions, shoot us an email at  

Thanks, and see you down the shore! 

My Beach Mobile Team

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