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Thank you for your interest in My Beach Tags!  Unfortunately, your town does not currently use our app.  Help us change that by signing our online petition and have your voice heard:


Click Here To Sign The Petition


It is likely that reduced social-distancing recommendations will be with us for a while.  That's where our app can help.  With the My Beach Tags App, person-to-person beach tag/badge sales is no longer necessary.  Physical beach tag sales can be a thing of the past and beachgoers can safely and conveniently purchase beach tags or beach badges right from their phone.  Here are some of the other benefits: 

  • No person to person interactions; entirely digital

  • Entirely free to the beach/town

  • Brings beach tags into the 21st century

  • No more lost, stolen or forgotten beach tags or beach badges

  • Potential for greater revenue capture by giving access to larger audience

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Electronic transferability feature makes it easier for property owners and renters

It is 100% free for the town and adds real convenience for beachgoers.  Please sign our petition to have our app adopted by Ocean City, New Jersey.  There's simply no reason not to!

Thank you for your support!

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